Meet Nelly…

Hello, my friends, meet Nelly – full name, Nervous Nelly.


Believe it or not, this scruffy ball of fur just had a lovely, long, warm bath…or, as she’d call it ‘the acid bath of death’ least that’s what anyone would think the way she shakes and looks at you with big eyes.

Nelly is a 6yr old Schnoodle (schnauzer/mini poodle), and she has always had a nervous disposition. She is very friendly and loves everything…well, except for the ‘crackling’ plastic bag of death…the backstairs of death…the front doorbell of death….the rain of death (cause, you know..wet paws of death..)…her own shadow of death..and, so on.

Love her to bits, though.

Here she is in my office cuddled up on her bed, recovering after her bath/blow dry/brush of death.



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