My first Audio Book!

Hi Everyone,

Very excited to announce that I’m currently working on my very first Audio Book, for my Best Selling time travel romance Love in Ruins.

It’s been an interesting process and involves auditioning lots of talented voice actors for the part. I have to admit, however, it’s a little bit nerve-wracking when you hear someone read out your work for the first time, but I am looking forward to getting it up there.

From garden to table…

I suppose this post could really go under two categories…Garden or food.

These are a couple of tarts I made one afternoon from a mixture of different veges and herbs from my garden, along with eggs collected that morning from our crazy hens.

Have to say, the kitchen smelled amazing!


Foxborough Hall

If you like a gripping tale filled with twists and intrigue, check out this great read by Aussie author, Ann B. Harrison.


Crazy Costume Lady…

Many might know me from various RWA Conferences as the Crazy

Costume Lady, and for this, I make no apology for my love of historical clothing, accessories and way of life.

I am very fortunate to have an extremely talented mother who creates the most incredible historical gowns for me…and, all I have to do is provide copious amounts of tea and toast during the process!


One of the reasons I like to wear the gowns is they give me a true sense of what is was like to live in them everyday, and helps me to ‘keep it real’ in my books. Sure, we all love fiction, but I try to keep it believable and factual where i can, as well as entertaining.

I confess I’m a bit of a hussy, and have been known to show off my ‘unmentionables’ to anyone who asks to see them. Yes, when in

costume I try to wear everything…right down to the under garments!

: )


Erin xo

Welcome to Scotland…

Back in 2013, I went on my very first trip to the UK. As a writer of English and Celtic romance, you can imagine how excited I was. The odd thing though, was when I got to Scotland it seemed they were having the hottest summer in decades. So, the good part was I got to see almost everything I had hoped for, but was kind of lacking the ‘miserable weather ambience’ everyone had promised me.

After all, what’s Scotland without a little fog, mist and rain?

: )


FREE Read!

To celebrate the release of the first book in the Scandalous Lords series, I’m giving away an exclusive prequel called ‘Before They Were Lords’…available for a limited time only!

New Release!

So excited to announce the release on How to Dare a Duke, book one of the new Scandalous Lords series!

Now available on most digital book platforms.

Love in Ruins is coming to Audio Book!

Hello Readers,

I’m very excited to announce that my Best Selling book – Love in Ruins – is currently being made into an Audio Book! I’ve just selected a few narrators for audition and can’t wait to hear them reading my book. Though, I must confess, I am a little nervous too.

Here is a peek at the Audio cover…