Food glorious food…

Hi Everyone,22886036_10210115104299611_2394501882417872268_n

If anyone knows me, then they’ll know how much I love food and love to cook!

I’d like to say i’m a TV chef, but no, just a mum with three very hungry sons and one tubby hubby.

I’ll be posting up my latest ‘creations’…some good, some not so good, but all-in-all quite edible.

I’ll also be sharing some some photos of amazing foods from my travels around locally and the world!

If you share my love of food, feel free to email me a pic of your favourite dish and I’ll post it on my blog.

Erin xo

Welcome to Scotland…

Back in 2013, I went on my very first trip to the UK. As a writer of English and Celtic romance, you can imagine how excited I was. The odd thing though, was when I got to Scotland it seemed they were having the hottest summer in decades. So, the good part was I got to see almost everything I had hoped for, but was kind of lacking the ‘miserable weather ambience’ everyone had promised me.

After all, what’s Scotland without a little fog, mist and rain?

: )