Meet Nelly…

Hello, my friends, meet Nelly – full name, Nervous Nelly.


Believe it or not, this scruffy ball of fur just had a lovely, long, warm bath…or, as she’d call it ‘the acid bath of death’ least that’s what anyone would think the way she shakes and looks at you with big eyes.

Nelly is a 6yr old Schnoodle (schnauzer/mini poodle), and she has always had a nervous disposition. She is very friendly and loves everything…well, except for the ‘crackling’ plastic bag of death…the backstairs of death…the front doorbell of death….the rain of death (cause, you know..wet paws of death..)…her own shadow of death..and, so on.

Love her to bits, though.

Here she is in my office cuddled up on her bed, recovering after her bath/blow dry/brush of death.



…another cover reveal!

I’m very happy to announce – for the first time since it was first published in 2008 – my very first novel (I know..that’s a lot of firsts, right?) The Laird’s Troubled Bride (aka Secrets).
I’d held back on republishing, as I’d wanted to create a trilogy……The Anvil Brides Trilogy.
The Laird’s Troubled Bride is the first and will be released very soon!


Cover reveal!

Hi Everyone!

So excited to share with you the new cover for my Highland time travel romance, Love in Ruins.

This edition will be available shortly on Amazon.


Does my bum look big in this?

I sure hope so!

Rest assured, it’s not all me under there (no, really), as this is an example of an 1880’s period bustle39294854_10155934128912675_3609859990120038400_n (1) dress, in the popular military fashion.

Out of crinolines and bustles, I tend to prefer wearing bustles. They feel comfortable and are easier to manage in most places, rather than a bulky crinoline style of gown.

Once again, I have my very talented mum to thank for this amazing set!

Erin xo


From garden to table…

I suppose this post could really go under two categories…Garden or food.

These are a couple of tarts I made one afternoon from a mixture of different veges and herbs from my garden, along with eggs collected that morning from our crazy hens.

Have to say, the kitchen smelled amazing!